Do you like coffee?


They say that coffee can help with ED. Do you believe it? Are you ready to replace cialis daily with two cups of coffee? Let’s try to investigate this matter. The above conclusion was made on the basis of one study. The men over the age of 20 were invited to take part in this experiment. They were offered to consume about 2 or 3 cups of coffee every day at any time. The result was starling! The participators reported that there was a positive impact.

Even such a small amount of caffeine is able to reduce erectile dysfunction in men. We discuss the amount of caffeine equal to about 200 milligrams a day. Just imagine, almost half of members of experimental group stated that they their erection was much better. It is a perfect trend, isn’t it?  Overweight guys demonstrated slightly different result. The research will go on in order to precise how the caffeine is linked with ED for various weight groups.

Why are the results of researches like the above?

We should pay your attention to the fact that in the study not only coffee was taken but other caffeine sources like tea, sports drinks, and soda were also suggested to the participators. Even though it really works and there is a reduction of ED under the above circumstances, there are cases when there is no improvement. The positive result is not true for patients suffering from diabetes. You should know that this disease is one of the strongest reasons for erectile dysfunction.

What is a biological mechanism starting the needed reactions? Caffeine triggers not one but a range of effects, which cause relaxation of the penile helicine arteries as well as the cavernous smooth muscle – this effect leads to increasing of blood flow to penis. It is amazing but caffeine is characterized by the properties, which can be compared with ED drugs including Viagra. Though, it can be regarded as a helpful habit but there are no definite evidences that caffeine treats ED. So, if your heart and other health conditions allow, you can have one or two cups of coffee a day increasing your ability to get steady and lasting erection.

If ED still occurs

But do not relax and do not forget about other recommendations. First of all reconsider your life style. There are factors contributing to ED and you should know of them. Just remember it and keep under control. Lose weight if there is a need in it. Overweight should be the early sign to change dietary habits and get rid of excessive kilograms. The food must be rich in nutrients. Add different exercise programs into your daily routine and turn to a specialist or even to a physician who can tell you how to lose weight without damage to health. It goes without saying that you should limit alcohol consumption or even refuse it at all. You’ll see how it helps! Another bad habit should be quitted – it is smoking. If abuse is too strong, do not hesitate and ask for help. Another piece of advice – escape the situations leading to stress. Too strong anxiety lowers quality of life and causes ED. In all cases you can provide a proper sexual intercourse taking brand or generic Viagra or other remedies, which solve the problem for a time.

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