Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction natural treatments

An erectile dysfunction (impotency, sexual frustration) commonly strikes men over 50. The ailment declares itself in an inability to achieve or maintain erection for sufficient amount of time, which is necessary for a full-fledge sexual performance.

Incipient symptoms of impotency lead to decline in living quality and are followed with a feeling of physical and emotional dissatisfaction.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

There are two types of reasons, which cause erectile disorders: psychological (psychogenic) and somatic (organic).

Psychological reasons:

  • depression,
  • stress,
  • shock,
  • job issues (dead line, change of work, discharging and so on);
  • partner issues (partition with a sweetheart, constant rejections of a partner),
  • catching a flu or a cold,
  • anxiety,
  • physical exhaustion

Somatic reasons are:

  • Hormonal disorders. Lack or absence of libido (sexual desire) is a sign that a man does not have enough testosterone produced,
  • Vascular diseases: atherosclerosis, heart attack, arterial hypertension, side-effects of different injuries, radiation or cancer of a prostate gland,
  • Excessive cholesterol on walls of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) affects blood supply,
  • Pancreatic diabetes, liver cirrhosis,
  • Any derangement in central nervous system functioning,
  • Surgeries on cerebrospinal system and abdominal cavity,
  • Taking of medications. To read more about reasons of sexual impotency visit

How to cure erectile dysfunction?

If a specialist does not diagnose you with any of the diseases mentioned above, but detects that your loss of sexual power has a psychological background, you can try erectile dysfunction natural treatments.

Change you gastronomic preferences. Healthy eating is the first step on the way to quality sex. There exist many products that enhance erection and increase libido: fish, mussels, crabs, shrimps; walnuts, pumpkin seeds and parsley help to get rid of impotency within the shortest time.

Take up any sport or increase physical activity. This treatment is proven to boost testosterone production – the main male hormone – and improve blood circulation.

Lead an active sexual life without long abstinences. Your organism, getting a sufficient dose of pleasure hormones, will produce a reflex for sex.

Take your weight under control and get you liver cleared to increase your testosterone level. For this add in your diet sesame and linseed oils.

The most effective receipts:

There are natural treatments that work not worse than Viagra or Cialis:

  1. Ginger root. This plant is the best natural treatment for erectile dysfunction that has been known from times of Pharaohs. It incredibly improves potency and cures weak erection. Consume this product raw or add it in your tea several times a day. Ginger juice is a famous stimulator too.
  2. Ginseng root tincture is a popular medication for sexual frustration. Take a tablespoon of ground ginseng root and pour with 70% alcohol. Let it brew for three weeks and filter. Take 25 drops of this tincture three times a day. Also you can drink ginseng tea.
  3. Black raisins successfully recover sexual power. Take 50 g of raisins, wash generously with water and boil it in a glass of milk. Eat the berries and drink this milk every day.
  4. Carrot juice and honey are often called natural Viagra for incredible properties to combat sexual frustration. Mix these products in equal proportions and consume 50g of the mixture every day.
  5. 20-30 g of fresh celery root juice is taken 2-3 times per day.

These natural methods really have a positive effect. As a result your testosterone level and libido are increased, sensations get sharpener, premature ejaculation is cured, and penile blood supply is normalized. But if impotency has a somatic reason, you need a doctor’s consultation who will prescribe a professional medication.

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