Problems with erection – problems of majority

Problems with erection are most common complaint of men to see doctor. Reason for libido decrease often becomes psychological trauma, that is, there is psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Later, man can already expect so-called syndrome of sexual failure expectation.

What does it mean? Usually it looks like this: man is so fixated on need to get best sex, that instead of excitement he gets anxiety and erectile function decrease. This is fairly common phenomenon, often affects young men.

This problem is peculiar to more insecure young people, who have doubts in their abilities. Each sexual approach in such men lies excessive control, that is, man acts as observer for body reactions (waiting for erection). Such actions distract him from sexual intercourse, increasingly removing from sexual activity.

Natural sexual reactions and erections are increasingly moving away from their naturalness, losing their spontaneity, so quality erection maintenance development becomes impossible or difficult. What does man get as a result? Of course, another setback in bed.

How to help with such erection violation?

The main thing is to recognize symptoms:

  • Sexual intercourse fear, anxiety, self-doubt.
  • Expect such events development, if man already at moment has neurotic disorders, depression, fears, phobias, obsessive neuroses.
  • Somatic any pathology, caused impotence development, erectile disorders, which were aggravated by syndrome of anxious expectation failure. In such patients, problems with potency are detected in almost 70%.

Factors leading to erection problem

Healthy man may lose erection for several reasons. These factors are:

  • Sexual functions fluctuations.
  • Concomitant neurosis and depression.
  • Physical or emotional stress can cause temporary erection loss.
  • Sometimes there is no erection after alcohol or against background of already developed alcoholism.
  • Long prelude before intimacy can lead to erection weakening. Sexual dysfunction may occur in men, who are in inappropriate situations, as well as in negative assessment from partner.
  • Presence of true sexual disorders, organic pathology, impotence, erectile organic dysfunction.
  • Excessive physical activity.
  • Mental diseases, that lead to personality disorders.

What to do if there is no erection?

So, what to do, if there are problems with erection? First, you need to understand cause and eliminate it. It is easier to deal with erectile disorder caused by fatigue, stress, emotional overstrain.

In such cases, help rest, regime establishment, sleep for 8 hours. In more severe cases, you have to contact specialist to prescribe drugs, for example, antidepressants, sedatives.

If impotence cause is organic, you have to choose one way to treat it:

  • Using Sildenafil. You can also buy tablets with Tadalafil, that completely repeat all therapeutic effects of original drug.
  • Other drugs, injected into cavernous bodies. Good results are obtained using alprostadil, that is, synthetic prostaglandin. It can be combined with other drugs.
  • If erection has disappeared for a long time, then you can use method of drugs intraurethral administration. That is, means, that cause erection, are introduced into urethra. Alprostadil is also often used.
  • Modern medicine offers interesting ways. For example, vacuum constrictor therapy. With help of pump or vacuum, negative pressure is formed around penis, which leads to blood flow and erection appearance.
  • Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is used in extremely rare cases, as majority of patients respond to drug therapy. Indications for surgery is violation of arterial blood flow to penis, to restore body rigidity.

Erectile disorders treatment is currently quite well developed, using different methods, which doctor and patient choose. Even in severe cases, when there is no erection, most often it is possible to solve problem by medical means. Erectile dysfunction isn`t a sentence yet.