The most widespread venereal man diseases

The most widespread venereal man diseases

Venereal diseases have their own names in different countries. For example, in Italy they are called “Spanish disease”, in France – “English disease”. To talk about other countries, we must say, that they name it as “Polish disease”. A lot of people are concealed on such diseases, so they try to find it on other people.

But the most important information, that you must know, is that venereal disease can be the cause of death, so you must immediately visit doctor, if you find out syphilis or other dangerous illness. It is always appeared in the genital area and has the appear as ulcers. Then it covers all the body of a human. If you don’t do anything to cure it, that will be the reason of death. Pay attention, that syphilis is not the only one disease, which can lead to such terrible consequences.


For a long period of time scientists with great work experience have the aim to develop the effective medicaments to cure syphilis. They learn the severe forms of the disease, which help them to make a lot of efforts. But, as you could understand, the development of the medication wasn’t so easy and it is still a great problem nowadays.

If the specialists see, that the illness wouldn’t be cured, because it greatly affected the cardiovascular system, they just do their best to reach good results. But you must also take into account, that HIV infection can appear as a result of syphilis.


Gonorrhea is also a disease, which influence on men`s health. It transmits sexually and to treat it doctors use special antibiotics. Today there are a lot of methods to treat this disease. Many doctors are confronted with antibiotic-resistant strains.

To explain it in other words, we can say, that some man organisms have an immunity to antibiotics, so there is a necessity to use the other way of treatment. When this disease will disappear, man must be very careful in the next sexual relations, because next time the disease will have more severe form and it will be hard to cure it.


Sometimes such a disease as chlamydia is asymptomatic in the men organism. But is some ways it can lead to inflammation in urethra, prostate, testicles. As for woman, they can have more serious consequences in it. For example, it can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean, that man can ignore the symptoms of chlamydia.

Nowadays it is too easy to make screening procedures, which allow doctor to diagnose chlamydia in men and do the treatments. As the statistics say, 7 of 8 man have no problems with its disease and only 1% can suffer from it greatly. But it you will come to a professional doctor, who is a specialist in venereal diseases, you can be sure, that the disease will over and your life will become full of bright moments.

Professional advices

Every professional doctor will tell you, that men`s health is the thing, that must be safe. But what must you do to reach the results?

You wouldn’t have any venereal disease, if you will have sex with one partner. It is also perfect for your health. Sudden sexual acts can cause the development of one of diseases. People in our country doesn’t talk about it, so you must be very careful.

The other advice is to visit doctor one time on a 6 month. He will make the screening and it will help him to understand, what problems did you have. Remember, that the doctor must be experienced. Only professional will choose the right method of cure to safe your health as more as possible.

Be attentive to your body and health. If you recognize the infection or other symptom, call the doctor to have a consult. And then get the visit to him to understand what is wrong and what you must do.